My Remote Working Experience


I have had the privilege to work remotely for most of my workdays for a very long time now and it has been a very rewarding and learning experience, I know when most people think of working remotely they think of the picture of a laptop on a beach (the laptop lifestyle), but in reality, if you really want to get work done that image doesn’t work.

If you are a programmer like myself then you need relative peace and quiet to concentrate and hold information in.

External distractions can cause you to both lose focus and waste time, thus why I’m also not a fan of the open office. Why is it that most developers work at night and most will tell you that is when they get the best work done, one-word focus if you work remotely and especially if you work from home without a dedicated office or workspace then chances are you will find that lack of focus affecting you. 

My Experience 

During the early stages of my remote work arrangement, I found that there were several things that had to change, here are some of the things that helped me to be more productive:

  1. Dedicated space to work from: this does not have to be an office but setup your workspace where it is clear that this is work time.
  2. Set clear boundaries: Often times family and friends will forget that you are actually at work so be sure to set clear boundaries to let them know you are working and be strict with your work times 
  3.   Do Not Over Do It: when you work from an office building its easy to “leave work” even if you happen to take home a few projects once you leave the office your out of work mode, if you work remotely it can sometimes be hard to separate work time from your personal time be careful here I struggled with this in the early stages.
  4. Remember to Exercise: when you have to physically leave your home to get to your office or workplace this alone can keep you active especially if you make the decision to take a longer route that extra walk to lunch also counts, but if you work remotely especially from home you will probably not get much exercise I struggle with this myself and still do, remember to set a time for yourself and you’re well being do overwork and little to no exercise can easily lead to burnout.   


There are some awesome benefits to working remotely both for the company you work with and for you as an individual but we need to ensure to balance our activities and set up clear boundaries both for work and your well-being. 

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash