My Members Only – WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin makes it easy for anyone to protect content on a WordPress site in any post or page using members-only content type and shortcodes.

Protected Content Here

The shortcode can be used along with other shortcodes, this plugin is very simple and lightweight making it a very useful tool for any WordPress website.

[myshortcode title="Post title here"]
Protected Content


  • Downloads
  • Articles in Whole or Part
  • Videos
  • Private Forums
  • Premium Support
  • And so much more.


Superb “Plugin is Superb! exactly what I wanted thanks – zala5958


What is Members Only Content, Members Only content allows you to create special content that only your members can see.

all post in the members-only content area is protected.

Only if a user is logged in they will be able to access, the default access level is a subscriber for all content in the “members-only content” section.

members-only content does not affect shortcode content restrictions, this feature allows for full content protection.

NEW IN 4.5

  • Present Users who are not logged in with a link to “Register or Login Here”,
  • Redirect Users to the current page after login.
  1. Create a Post or Page or protect existing content.
  2. Place the shortcodes around the content you wish to protect.

New Shortcode Options Use With Options

  • display=”Custom text” change the message for none logged in user (default: You Must be Logged in to view this content)
  • linkto=”/wp-admin/” Link to a specific page, recommended usage would be to use /wp-admin/ without http://www this is very good practice in case if you are using SSL or custom subdomain, Note that this will also disable Auto redirect (default: WordPress Login Page)
  • linktext=”Click Here” change the text for the link (default: Register or Login Here)


Premium Content Here


[membersonly display="Login To Download" linkto="/wp-admin/" linktext="Login Here"] protected content here [/membersonly] 

the user will then have to be logged in to view.